Chilly air

this morning in Abano. Clouds choked up the sky the whole yesterday, dark as a black metal black album :). Books stack unread on my bedside little table. Stuff creeps and lurks around everywhere. Projects pile up. I grabbed the ‘getting things done’ book yet another time. Every time I read it it seems almost impossible to follow. Why is that? hmm being in control is what I need. Time off. Time off what I do not want to do or where I do not want to be. Feeling out of place is so very common. NEed to find in place. Or properly placed 🙂 Today it’s demo time. It’ll be just frantic. A Manic Monday. Tomorrow => car service.
so good.
the 2 people sitting besides me smell like a hell’s dungeon… fiatella party… such a shit.
After visiting Berlin everything seems so 3rd world 🙂
The girl with exaggerated make-up got her headphone full throttle and I can listen to Beyoncé from 4 seats away. R.I.P. for her ear system.
I don’t feel much like talking. Still in sleeping mode till 10.30 perhaps. 🙂 . ‘zokkei. Bruce Springsteen a-comin’.
Seems like the only thing that captures my attention these days is my DIY guitar building project. I’d do that all the time all day long. The rest I don’t possibly care. It’s my thing.
Let’s huddle a bit before the storm of the day takes in 🙂
Love, you people 🙂

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